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Silicone Electric Mini Foldable Washing Machine

Silicone Electric Mini Foldable Washing Machine

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1.Independent laundry room for a healthier family

2.Wash baby clothes, underwear and socks separately to prevent bacterial growth and spin dry.

3.10-minute appointment time, the time is under control

4.Product advantages: high-quality generator, precise control of washing rhythm, no noise, power saving

5.Product packaging: main body 1, washboard 1, drain basket 1

6.Bionic hand wash, no damage to clothes, two-way power, easy to remove stains; it can also complete parent-

7.child activities, guide the baby to wash clothes by himself, and learn to be independent in happiness.

8.Intimate reminder: Try not to wash jeans. Children's underwear, children's clothing, T-shirts, small clothes, 9.shirts can be used normally.

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