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Monster Waterproof Reusable Nano Tape

Monster Waterproof Reusable Nano Tape

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Enhance your home décor with our Monster Tape Waterproof Wall Stickers. These transparent, reusable, heat-resistant tapes are perfect for bathroom decoration.

With their double-sided Nano tape, you can easily hang, organize, and reposition items without damaging surfaces. Let your creativity flourish! 



waterproof tape: Nano tape

style: waterproof tape, strong acrylic tape

function: hang up small things, like key

Type: Tape

Tape Type: Electrical Tape

Tape Type: Filament Tape

Tape: tape for hoom, kitchen and bathroom

Suitable for: kitchen bathroom home improvement car sink

Model Number: SMJ-0065

Material: PET Acrylic Glue

DIY Supplies: Metalworking

Color: Transparent Nano-tape

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