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Kids Intelligent Learning Bundle

Kids Intelligent Learning Bundle

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Unlock a world of playful learning with this curated bundle of educational essentials for your little explorer! Make learning a magical adventure for your little one! 

This dynamic duo combines the creative spark of Handwriting Practice Book with Magic Ink with the sensory delights of the Counting Sensory Finger Learning Toy.

Here's what your little genius gets:

    • Handwriting Practice Book with Magic Ink: Watch in awe as words and pictures magically disappear, encouraging endless practice and confidence in letter formation. The reusable ink makes learning mess-free and fun!

    • Counting Sensory Finger Learning Toy: Engage little minds with colorful, textured fingers that spark curiosity and introduce number concepts through playful exploration.

This bundle includes fantastic learning tools for toddlers and kids. Great for practicing in school or use at home with your child 12+ months

What is included in the bundle:

- 1 set Handwriting Practice Book with Magic Ink

- 1 set counting sensory finger learning toy

Grab this bundle today and unlock the potential


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