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5 Set Baby Teething Toys Bundles.

5 Set Baby Teething Toys Bundles.

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When the Gum starts to itch, its time for the teeth. With this curated bundle of Teething toys and feeding Pacifiers, Your baby will have the best combination of teething toys to itch the gum and pacifier to chew on. 

The Bundle Contains:

  • 4pcs Baby Teething Toys: Includes 3 Teething Tubes & 1 Cleaning Brush, For ages 3-12 Months.
  • 3pcs Suction Cup Spinner Toys: For Infant Sensory. Great Bath Toys
  • 3pcs Baby Food Feeder: Eating Training Teething Toy For Toddlers.
  • 1pc 2-in-1 Bear Shape Teether: Baby Silicone Mitten Teether, Soothing Pain Relief & Protection Glove
  • 2pcs Printed Pacifier Chain: Baby Toy Teether Anti-drop Rope With Pacifier Holder 

Grab this bundle today and Ease the Itch.

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