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5-in-1 Pet Grooming Brush Bundle

5-in-1 Pet Grooming Brush Bundle

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Hey Pet Lovers, Fur on your clothes or furniture? Here are some brushes that will help you get through that. We have curated this bundle of grooming brushes for you to tackle that problem, You can be sure to keep fur away from your clothes and furniture with these brushes.

From the massage brush to the self cleaning brushes, from the pet fur roller to the hair removing hand gloves, shedding of fur will not be an issue.

The Bundle Contains:

  • 1pc Rolling Pet Hair Remover: Pet Hair Remover With Rolling Cylinder To Clean Cat & Dog Hair From Carpet, Bed Sheet Etc.
  • 1pc Pet Hair Removing Gloves: Can serve as a Pet Hair Remover, Brush, Bathing Glove, Massage Comb, And Grooming Glove. 
  • 1pc Automatic cleaning Pet Brush: Pet Brush for Cats & Dogs With Automatic Cleaning Button Great for removal of loose and Tangled Hair. Easy self cleaning Button 
  • 1pc Reusable Pet Hair & Lint Remover: For Laundry lint and Fur Removal on pets and clothes.
  • 1pc Softness Silicone Pet Brush: Multifunctional Dog and pets Hair Massage Bath Brush. 

Grab this bundle today and keep shedding away

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