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3-in-1 Pet Safety Bundle

3-in-1 Pet Safety Bundle

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Safety First and Pets can be any and everywhere around the house and the car. With this curated bundle of safety belts and Harnesses for your little explorer, You can be sure to keep your pets safe at all times.

With the Anti Flea protection Collar, you can easily keep insects and pests away from your fur babies for a long period of time.

The Bundle Contains:

  • 1pc Anti Flea Collar: Protect your fur babies from Insects, Flees, Ticks, Louses, Mites and more for up to 4 months.
  • 1pc Reflective Detail Pet Harness: Reflective Body Harness for Cat & Dog For Outdoor walks. Glows when in contact with lights.
  • 1pc Simple Pet Car Seat Belt: Pet Car Seat Belt For Dog For Outdoor Safety Protection in cars. Cant be attached to Harness.
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